Welcome to the pam_mount_user_AES home page.

This page is just an impromptu place holder until I finish moving in, but briefly:

The purpose of the pam_mount_user_AES module is to develop a module for Linux-PAM to provide automagic mounting of a user(s) encrypted home directory at login time using the user's authentication crendentials as the decryption key. There is also a provided daemon that automagically unmounts the user(s) home directory after the user logs out of the system to re-encrypt the user's data.

Note that this module was designed to work with the Linux kernel module provided by the loop-AES project.

Some useful links:
The loop-AES project at Sourceforge
The Linux Encryption HOWTO Home page
A Linux-PAM page

The latest release of pam_mount_user_AES can be found at my Sourceforge project page, located
At that location, you can also see the current release notes, post to mailing lists or forums, and browse my CVS tree.

Feel free to contact me with feedback, patches, or whatever else related to this project.

j. rivera

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